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How can I survive in a scary place?

Each country on the world is becoming a scary place!
Many of us see high unemployment, low and middle class jobs disappearing, lousy
schools, high prices for gas and tasty food, massive national debt, no secure place to invest our money for retirement, moral decay, inability to find a good mate, political leaders who don’t know how to lead or where to lead the nation, international terrorism, and the rapid destruction of biodiversity.
Unfortunately, only the brightest and the best will understand this truth and the rest must continue to wallow in a cesspool of egalitarian thinking and living.


How can I put my debt in perspective?

Market fluctuations may remind investors of the importance of managing their
finances wisely.
Continue to balance debt obligations with spending and saving goals, as well as
consider revisiting your overall portfolio risk comfort levels.
Your financial advisor can work with you to help ensure you are prepared for market turbulence and your portfolio remains on-track to meet your unique financial goals.


How can I promote an education reform?

Now it is clear that public school education beyond the elementary level is going to be a dead profession in the not too distant future.
Unfortunately elementary school teachers will still have to teach basic English and basic calculator math and basic computer skills and impart basic moral behavior in young children.
Unfortunately mediocre public school education beyond the elementary school level is doomed even though politically powerful teachers will continue to fiercely maintain the dysfunctional status-quo.
How to overcome such problems?


How can I master Urban Transportation Multimodal Future?

The future of urban transportation lies in mobility-friendly networks in which cars are just one element shrinking one as we move from a system in which the personally owned vehicle is king and toward a multimodal future of on-demand driverless vehicles, ride-sharing, expanded public transit, greater reliance on human-powered transportation and other alternatives.
How can I master on such matter?


How can I master on IoT platforms?

According to recent estimates, there are hundreds of IoT Platforms in the market with a confusing array of offerings from software and hardware vendors, connectivity providers, system integrators and others.
As a result, it can be challenging to drill through the marketing hype and analyst opinions to distinguish the best model and solution for your business.
I suggest you to try to answer to this questions:

What is an IoT Platform?
How platforms create value;
The dynamics of IoT platform markets;
Platform strategies and use cases;
How to choose the right IoT platform;


How can I know the best requirements of an effective interview?

While traditional behavioral interviewing has merit, it’s too narrowly focused to accurately predict on-the-job performance.
Worse, it’s mechanical nature can turn off prospects who have multiple opportunities or who are passive….
What I can suggest you is to try to follow the reported below suggestions:
1. Accurately assess competency and motivation to do the real job under
the actual circumstances. This seems obvious, but it means you need to
define the real job and real circumstances before interviewing someone.
2. Eliminate bias in all forms. The Performance-based Interview has a built in
“bias eliminator” that virtually eliminates this major cause of hiring
3. Demonstrate to the prospect that the hiring manager is someone who
can move his/her career along faster than everyone else. The best
candidates use the professionalism of the interview to assess the hiring
manager’s leadership skills.
4. Convince the prospect your job represents the best career move among
competing alternatives. By conducting career gap analysis during the
course of the interview, it’s easy to demonstrate your job offers a 30% non-
monetary increase.
5. Close more offers by giving prospects the information needed to compare
offers on career growth career not compensation, location, title or
company brand.


How can I implement an integrated GRC capability?

It is not enough to aggressively move toward established objectives.
For success, you must consider the boundaries of laws and uncertainties that arise with regard to potential risks and rewards as the management of risk, compliance, and ethical conduct cannot be separated from the objective-seeking activity.
Everything must be brought into alignment and operate through fully integrated
governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) capabilities.
I can suggest you some of the benefits GRC comes with;
· Setting objectives
· Prioritizing stakeholder expectations
· Providing assurance that the system is achieving objectives
· Managing the desirable (reward) and undesirable (risk) effect of uncertainty on objectives.
The need for these benefits in an organization cannot be overemphasized and thus
should be treated with the utmost urgency in securing them.