(English) A Cellular Neural Network based system for cell counting in culture of biological cells

Cell counting methods are important tools in molecular biology as well as clinical medicine. It is not always technically possible to measure quantitatively the events of cellular growth and fission. When it can be done, the procedures are neither so simple nor without excessive tedium as to lend themselves practically to the necessary replication of observations with large number of individual cells. In this paper, we describe a CNN based system that uses a CNN simulator for counting cells. The performances of the proposed system are illustrated by a simple cell counting experiment using a Petroff- Hauser based counter system.


L. Bertucco, G. Nunnari, C. Randieri, V. Rizza, A. Sacco

Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Conference on Control Applications, Trieste, Italy, 1-4 September 1998, Vol. 1, pp. 341-345.


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