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How can I implement an integrated GRC capability?

It is not enough to aggressively move toward established objectives.
For success, you must consider the boundaries of laws and uncertainties that arise with regard to potential risks and rewards as the management of risk, compliance, and ethical conduct cannot be separated from the objective-seeking activity.
Everything must be brought into alignment and operate through fully integrated
governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) capabilities.
I can suggest you some of the benefits GRC comes with;
· Setting objectives
· Prioritizing stakeholder expectations
· Providing assurance that the system is achieving objectives
· Managing the desirable (reward) and undesirable (risk) effect of uncertainty on objectives.
The need for these benefits in an organization cannot be overemphasized and thus
should be treated with the utmost urgency in securing them.


How can I break through traditional business risk management?

The current economic environment and significant risk events over the last few years have caused companies to have a renewed focus on the effectiveness of risk management.
The fundamental outcome of a successful three lines of defense implementation is a continuous and self-correcting system to manage risks across the enterprise.
Each line works independently but collaboratively to identify and assess risks and self-correct gaps.
Without technology, it’s largely a manual process thus, a logical and coordinated approach to risk management is integral to its success.


How can I balance governance and self-service?

If you are still struggling to scale your balance governance solution, it’s no wonder.
You must know that older methods focus on IT—facilitating an “information
dictatorship”. Newer methods instead focus on the individual—creating “data silos”.
To scale properly you need a modern method that balances governance and self-service.
By this end users can gain incredible freedom to build and mold data models,
dashboards, reports, and publications.
Management retains the ability to control, manage, and monitor the analytics
That’s why I call it the next generation of self-service analytics.