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How can I master on IoT platforms?

According to recent estimates, there are hundreds of IoT Platforms in the market with a confusing array of offerings from software and hardware vendors, connectivity providers, system integrators and others.
As a result, it can be challenging to drill through the marketing hype and analyst opinions to distinguish the best model and solution for your business.
I suggest you to try to answer to this questions:

What is an IoT Platform?
How platforms create value;
The dynamics of IoT platform markets;
Platform strategies and use cases;
How to choose the right IoT platform;


Are there a powerful potential solution to powering IoT sensors?

At Intellisystem Technologies for home automation a solution for this we use the Z-Wave protocol. This protocol is not a wifi level, but at an 868Mhz level, and brings a device into sleep mode once it not in use. It only consumes power in use hence a battery will last for 4 -5 years. It can also sent updates to a central hub telling you if battery replacement is needed or not. It still means that battery replacement is needed once and a while, but in the end not often needed.