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How can I balance governance and self-service?

If you are still struggling to scale your balance governance solution, it’s no wonder.
You must know that older methods focus on IT—facilitating an “information
dictatorship”. Newer methods instead focus on the individual—creating “data silos”.
To scale properly you need a modern method that balances governance and self-service.
By this end users can gain incredible freedom to build and mold data models,
dashboards, reports, and publications.
Management retains the ability to control, manage, and monitor the analytics
That’s why I call it the next generation of self-service analytics.


How can augmented reality enable a more accurate biopsy?

The University of Twente is currently developing an innovative smartphone technology based on the usage of Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) and augmented reality (AR).
This technology enables medical personnel to reconstruct 3-D body sections quickly, only by holding the smartphone around the area of interest.
This smartphone will display the augmented layers of the 3-D skin surface in order to visualize invisible information for medical personnel.
“We would like to layer the information from the MRI and other vein scans (from sensor devices using laser speckle) and make them visible with augmented reality”, says Dr. Eng. Beril Sirmacek.


How can a fitness tracker help solve a murder case?

You may use the technique where basically you need just dump out all the data from the whole fitness tracker, then make a timeline.
From that data, you can see how to take out entries of logs, web browsing…
Than from that, you can build up a timeline and get a full picture of what the person’s been up to.
Also location information can be decanted from the devices in our pockets and on our wrists.
In other words thanks to the ubiquity of smart personal devices, it seems inevitable that there will be an increase in data from such devices being considered for use in criminal investigations or prosecutions.


Are smart homes hackable?

If from one side home monitoring systems can assure you that kids got home just fine,
light sockets that can be switched on and off by a smartphone, thermostats that will
make the den all comfy before getting home, and even refrigerators that tell you when
you are out of specific food.
All these “smart” homes and devices, with multiple connections to the outside world,
offer unprecedented access to information and a certain amount of ease.

They also make your home almost vulnerable. Here are some basic considerations that you can take to make your smarter home

1. The fewer devices you have connected to the web, the fewer spots of entry;

2. Be always focused on “cyber-hygiene” as an important step in protecting a
home’s network. Simple rules regarding passwords — make them difficult
and not obvious, change them often, alter any default settings, and don’t
share — are so obvious but easily forgotten by kids who are focused on
playing videogames;

3. Change your router name from “our family address is” to something a little
less obvious;

4. Many people buy products without having a full idea of their capacity or
potential: the instruction guides are just too long to read. But it’s a little
disconcerting to learn that that new television has an out-facing camera
that’s been monitoring you watching your movie when you thought no one
was watching;

5. Avoid Single Points of Failure try to adopt systems that do not have a “single
point of failure;” for example in your smart homes you may adopt backup
generators like in hospitals. A layered defense is the best defense. In conclusion
any system of security has three fundamental aspects: minimizing risks,
maximizing defenses, and maintaining our spirit and freedoms in the process.