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How can I earn customer trust when I have zero sales?

That’s a dilemma that almost every new entrepreneur has to face day over day!
Obviously customer trust is hardest to earn when you don’t have any customer base.
Yet, you need to earn customer trust before they’ll choose to buy from you.
Luckily, you have to find the best strategies can help even brand new businesses earn customer trust early on.
I can suggest you to leverage on social networks by adopting all the media that you
can create, web, videos, document….


How can I become a successful independent professional recruiter?

If you have no previous recruiting or staffing experience and you want to break into the arena, I suggest you to follow a state-of-the-art training program that will put you ahead of the curve as a certified Search and Hiring Job Market recruiter.
Personally I just followed a three-stage training program designed to learn the best practices of recruiting at each stage of the recruitment life cycle.
After that i suggest you to have access to workbooks, live training webinars, articles, videos, and other resources to help you along the way.


How can a fitness tracker help solve a murder case?

You may use the technique where basically you need just dump out all the data from the whole fitness tracker, then make a timeline.
From that data, you can see how to take out entries of logs, web browsing…
Than from that, you can build up a timeline and get a full picture of what the person’s been up to.
Also location information can be decanted from the devices in our pockets and on our wrists.
In other words thanks to the ubiquity of smart personal devices, it seems inevitable that there will be an increase in data from such devices being considered for use in criminal investigations or prosecutions.