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What is the future of microgrids?

Electrical utility operators and engineers familiar with both utility grid operations and with micro-grids.
Operators with current micro-grid projects would be best. Operators with experience deploying renewables in a micro-grid context would be very welcome.
I expect that Hawaii probably has a lead in this space as might Oklahoma and Texas (wind farms).
Vendors to electrical utilities working on micro-grids, especially from the perspective of analytics and management.
Academics or regulatory experts with experience managing utility grids and micro-grids would be helpful.


How can AI enable faster and more efficient production?

The most important areas in industry for AI are with complex automation processes and decision-making where much of the work is normally tedious and repetitive, but still requiring a very significant level of judgement.
The result is usually a partnership between a humans and the AI, where the final call is still made by engineers.
In our company we are proud to apply that!!