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How can I design a design doc?

When you think about design, the word “documentation” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind.

But documentation is a key part of the design process for many teams.
A good design doc can:
Help you organize your thoughts
Solidify your point of view
Rally your team around a goal
Explain the why, not just the how
Prevent time-sucking debates
Make a developer’s life easier

Aren’t you too young to be business trainers?

First, we have deep experience in both the new and old business worlds. Fortune 500
consultant, head of sales at a massive startup, highly sought-after designer… these are
the careers we built before joining Unfunnel.
Second, we were the team of choice when a few massive bloggers needed help with
strategy and design. (That was back when we did client work.) They believed in how
we look at new business. (Spoiler Alert: it paid off well for them.)
Third, some of our courses aren’t actually taught by us, they’re taught by leading
experts. (Look for more of these in the future as we diversify the course library.)
But what speaks most for us is the success of our members. People like Alexis, Scott,
Marcellus and Rafi who joined Unfunnel with an idea and are now earning a full-time
living on their own terms.