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Why are geospatial companies focusing on delivering great content?

The diverse range of potential customers today is a big challenge for geo-spatial
Only providing technical information will not have a big effect with the majority of potential customers who do not have a strong technical background.

Therefore, many geo-spatial companies now are focused on write blogs, share articles and produce detailed case studies about projects to inform potential customers about how their solutions can be used, in an easy way in order to let them understand better the technology offers.

How can I break through traditional business risk management?

The current economic environment and significant risk events over the last few years have caused companies to have a renewed focus on the effectiveness of risk management.
The fundamental outcome of a successful three lines of defense implementation is a continuous and self-correcting system to manage risks across the enterprise.
Each line works independently but collaboratively to identify and assess risks and self-correct gaps.
Without technology, it’s largely a manual process thus, a logical and coordinated approach to risk management is integral to its success.