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How can I foster a culture of change?

Foster a culture of change includes to promote each self-managed work teams, this is undoubtedly by the most challenging of all leadership endeavors, but it is also the most rewarding over the time. Great leaders involve employees from all levels in the business operations.
By creating an environment of trust and openness and developing a culture of risk-taking, leaders are able to turn over the responsibility of the daily operations to the employees.
These leaders recognize the need and take active steps to produce ownership within the ranks.



How can I be a more adaptable leader?

Frankly speaking if you are a leader and you don’t have the capacity to shift, change, or pivot from a plan or a position…
I don’t know how long you’ll last in your role.
At the heart of leadership is an inherent need to react to changes in your
As we think about adaptability in leadership, we need to first understand its importance — why do we need to adapt?


How 5G will change how we live and do Business?

5G will have the ability to transform not only telecommunication, but promote a step up for most other types of new technology that could do with the low latency that 5G brings in.
Connected cars, smart cities and highways, health, computing, robotics, gaming-every vertical within tech is set to receive an increment unseen since 3G changed the definition of communication in 1998 and put the world wide web into our palms.