Work with Us is a consulting engineering office in continuous expansion that operates in a dynamic and challenging environment, offering great opportunities for professional growth and for new graduates, who come into contact for the first time with the work world, and for people with experience .

Our strength is the quality of our consultants, constantly updated and able to guess, right away, the needs expressed by the customer and to satisfy them with projects that are consistent from the first moment.
Working in, in fact, means to participate immediately in all phases of the project, with a high involvement and broad visibility of the work.
Therefore, we insert regularly new people who share our approach and our values and who have talent, initiative, strong orientation to problem solving, ability to work in group and ability to create innovation partnerships with the customers.
The recruitment can take place at different levels and our recruiting process involves two or more interviews following the positive assessment of the CV.

Sent your CV to [email protected]


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