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Research Gate: Cristian Randieri, PhD Active Scientist Writer Member - Last Update 11 Nov 2015
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Research Gate: Cristian Randieri, PhD Active Scientist Writer Member – Last Update 11 Nov 2015

ResearchGate is the professional network for scientists and researchers. It started when two researchers discovered first-hand that collaborating with a friend or colleague on the other side of the world was no easy task. Founded in 2008 by physicians Dr. Ijad Madisch and Dr. Sören Hofmayer, and computer scientist Horst Fickenscher, ResearchGate today has more than seven million members. Our international team of 140 people is based in the vibrant start-up capital Berlin. ResearchGate’s mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all.


Cristian Randieri is an Internationally recognized R&D leader contributor to nuclear physics, cutting-edge, industry-changing research projects conducted around the world. Motivational instructor and mentor dedicated to developing and improving the strengths, potential, and performance in diverse populations of researchers, students and administrators.

Also he is a Global training and education pioneer leveraging science, technology, and engineering subject matter expertise to design, develop, and launch innovative programs, advancing academic excellence and executing a vision of high standards and academic rigor to realize targeted goals. Influential change agent, turning around failing schools, curriculums, and processes to ensure performance objectives are achieved within budgeted resources.

Cristian Randieri, PhD  ResearchGate Profile link

★ Recognized as subject matter expert on employing last Hi-Tech technology in education, and sought after speaker and presenter for domestic and international conferences, political forums, and industry representatives.

★ Authored more than 150 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals; Co-editor of scientific reference book. Presenter and invited speaker at regional, national, and international conferences

✦ Specialties:Strategic Planning, Change Management, Public Relations, Community Engagement, Risk Mitigation, Problem Resolution, Budgeting & Forecasting, Technology Infrastructures, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Control, Multicultural Acumen, Onsite & Virtual Learning, Trainings & Presentations, Coaching & Mentoring, Distance Education

Reported below fer ResearchGate achievements:

5 November 2015 – 20 Reads Reached: Tavola Rotonda: Cloud Computing, i pro e i contro


4 November 2015 – 50 Citations: Polarization observable measurements for γp → K+Λ and γp → K+Σfor energies up to 1.5 GeV


2 November 2015 – 20 Reads Reached: Position sensitive disc for charged particle detection


31 October 2015 –  Publication reached 2000  reads


21 October 2015 – 20 Reads Reached:  Rassegna Sistemi di visione: Parola alle aziende – “Intellisystem Technologies”


16 October 2015 – 300 Reads Reached: Limits on Light-Speed Anisotropies from Compton Scattering of High-Energy Electrons


13 October 2015 – 50 Citations Reached: Measurement of η photoproduction on the proton from threshold to 1500 MeV


9 October 2015  – 20 Reads Reached: First measurement of the Σ beam asymmetry in η’ photoproduction off the proton near threshold

13 September 2015 – 300 download article reached: Limits on Light-Speed Anisotropies from Compton Scattering of High-Energy Electrons

10 September 2015 – 3.000 download publications reached

6 September 2015 – 100 views article: Polarization observable measurements for γp → K+Λ and γp → K+Σfor energies up to 1.5 GeV

6 September 2015200 views article reads: Beam asymmetry $\Sigma$ measurements on the $\pi^-$ photoproduction off neutrons

5 September 2015 – 50 Download dataset: Dataset: 2010PhysRevC82-045209

Cristian Randieri

Cristian Randieri is a brilliant intelligent and great proactivity person and an effective communicator and visionary. He has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence and honour. Cristian is not a simple engineer but he is a real Scientist. His knowledge is not restricted to the area it covers, but its impressive passion for all the technical topics led him to acquire great skills even in areas far from his original studies. Cristian is able to address and solve complex technical problems with excellent results. He is a valuable writer with great scientific background formed with more than 15 years of active research on experimental Nuclear Physics performed in the most famous international research laboratories such as CERN, ESRF, INF. He write about HI-Tech solutions topics and advanced research study applied to industry. With more than 150 scientific & technical publications, he is also, a technical and famous writer in Italy due to his interviews released to the most famous Industrial Italian magazines. Actually, he is the President & CEO of Intellisystem Technologies an Italian Research & Developments company committed to develop and sell innovative and advanced solutions.

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