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Do you feel comfortable giving your boss a negative feedback?

One of the keys to successful upward communication is to emphasize outcomes rather than processes and background details specially if you want to give a negative feedback.

The higher the level of the person you’re addressing, the less they’ll likely be concerned about your methodology.

When you speak upward, your audience wants you to actually address the questions that are most relevant to them–not how you got here–so make your connections clear and precise.


Should we be worried about artificial intelligence?

Actually really we don’t know if our life surrounded by AI will be better or worse.
All the current scientific study are testimonials that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to have a huge impact on the future of humanity.
Advances in Artificial Intelligence have inspired tremendous hopes and fears, many of them barely grounded in reality.
As new promises and concerns reach increasingly mainstream audiences, the debate is starting to capture the public imagination.
The problem is that people now thanks to AI are being to dream a lot, and sometime a nightmare is a part of a dream!


How can I know the best requirements of an effective interview?

While traditional behavioral interviewing has merit, it’s too narrowly focused to accurately predict on-the-job performance.

Worse, it’s mechanical nature can turn off prospects who have multiple opportunities or who are passive….

What I can suggest you is to try to follow the reported below suggestions:

  1. Accurately assess competency and motivation to do the real job under the actual circumstances. This seems obvious, but it means you need to define the real job and real circumstances before interviewing someone.
  2. Eliminate bias in all forms. The Performance-based Interview has a built in “bias eliminator” that virtually eliminates this major cause of hiring mistakes.
  3. Demonstrate to the prospect that the hiring manager is someone who can move his/her career along faster than everyone else. The best candidates use the professionalism of the interview to assess the hiring manager’s leadership skills.
  4. Convince the prospect your job represents the best career move among competing alternatives. By conducting career gap analysis during the course of the interview, it’s easy to demonstrate your job offers a 30% non-monetary increase.
  5. Close more offers by giving prospects the information needed to compare offers on career growth career not compensation, location, title or company brand.

What does hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation mean in drone terminology?

A simulation is done where software that is running on a different computer generates data stimulating data that would come from the autopilot sensors. During the simulation, the autopilot is running. It doesn’t “know” it is simulated data, so it responds in the same way it would if it was real sensor data that it was receiving. Physical autopilot hardware that is connected to a simulator is used by hardware in the loop, as opposed to also stimulating the autopilot inside the software. With an open loop simulation, data is fed to the hardware autopilot from the software simulator. In a closed loop simulation, data is fed back into the software simulator as well from the hardware.

What does firmware mean in drone terminology?

Is the sketch or software loaded into the microprocessor based products’ non-volatile memory. The reason it is referred to as firmware is because it remains in non-volatile memory state even when power is removed. Therefore, it is non-volatile. In the autopilots case, it is an application (App for smart phone users) or program that determines how and what the auto pilot does.