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How can I engage my business audience by leveraging social networks?

It is very clear that one of the most valuable factors in successful social media marketing is audience engagement.
I can suggest you to prepare to spend time engaging with your audience.
It is very important to don’t just wait for them to come to you.
Likes, comments, shares all tend to go a long way.
Think of engaging with other users as dropping your brand’s calling card.
From my personal experience i noticed that if the user you are engaging with
responds positively, their reciprocation can be invaluable.
It is very simply to understand that simply by multiplying dozens of reciprocated likes, comments, follows, means that you’re on your way to building a connected audience.


How can I earn customer trust when I have zero sales?

That’s a dilemma that almost every new entrepreneur has to face day over day!
Obviously customer trust is hardest to earn when you don’t have any customer base.
Yet, you need to earn customer trust before they’ll choose to buy from you.
Luckily, you have to find the best strategies can help even brand new businesses earn customer trust early on.
I can suggest you to leverage on social networks by adopting all the media that you
can create, web, videos, document….


How can I design a design doc?

When you think about design, the word “documentation” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind.

But documentation is a key part of the design process for many teams.
A good design doc can:
Help you organize your thoughts
Solidify your point of view
Rally your team around a goal
Explain the why, not just the how
Prevent time-sucking debates
Make a developer’s life easier