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Written by Cristian Randieri


How can I know the best requirements of an effective interview?

While traditional behavioral interviewing has merit, it’s too narrowly focused to accurately predict on-the-job performance.
Worse, it’s mechanical nature can turn off prospects who have multiple opportunities or who are passive….
What I can suggest you is to try to follow the reported below suggestions:
1. Accurately assess competency and motivation to do the real job under
the actual circumstances. This seems obvious, but it means you need to
define the real job and real circumstances before interviewing someone.
2. Eliminate bias in all forms. The Performance-based Interview has a built in
“bias eliminator” that virtually eliminates this major cause of hiring
3. Demonstrate to the prospect that the hiring manager is someone who
can move his/her career along faster than everyone else. The best
candidates use the professionalism of the interview to assess the hiring
manager’s leadership skills.
4. Convince the prospect your job represents the best career move among
competing alternatives. By conducting career gap analysis during the
course of the interview, it’s easy to demonstrate your job offers a 30% non-
monetary increase.
5. Close more offers by giving prospects the information needed to compare
offers on career growth career not compensation, location, title or
company brand.


How can I make friends with reality?

One day a very old man asked me such a question….
I thought a lot about it, and my answer was simply….
You don’t need to have a big signature wit and wisdom.
You can meet your ultimate challenge not necessary as a comedian or a philosopher.
All you need is to make dying funny.
This can be your personal talk method. You can take your audience on your journey to make friends with reality — and peace with death.
I believe that Life is an enormous gift: “You enrich it as best you can, and then you give it back.”


How can I implement an integrated GRC capability?

It is not enough to aggressively move toward established objectives.
For success, you must consider the boundaries of laws and uncertainties that arise with regard to potential risks and rewards as the management of risk, compliance, and ethical conduct cannot be separated from the objective-seeking activity.
Everything must be brought into alignment and operate through fully integrated
governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) capabilities.
I can suggest you some of the benefits GRC comes with;
· Setting objectives
· Prioritizing stakeholder expectations
· Providing assurance that the system is achieving objectives
· Managing the desirable (reward) and undesirable (risk) effect of uncertainty on objectives.
The need for these benefits in an organization cannot be overemphasized and thus
should be treated with the utmost urgency in securing them.


How can I improve my company creativecollaboration?

In our company everyday business would be quite boring without creativity.
Even in professional life, creativity and innovation are the drivers of our work.
They ensure that our brand stands out from the competition and continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers.
To achieve this creativity, we spend a lot of time time, materials as well as the right tools to implement new, creative ideas.
I can suggest you how to give your creative team more time and space to be creative;
connect internal team members with freelancers and agencies; and streamline the
workflow from brainstorming to releasing the finished product.
I suggest you to start from this points:
Link your creative tools (e.g., InDesign)
Centralize your digital content (search, find, share)
Simplify communication channels and workflows
Gain more time for creativity and innovation
Increase your productivity


How can I implement a remote technical training?

Today it is possible to provide your customer with remote technical training,
including hands-on time with your product.
That’s is what we do with our products!
Industrial devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and servos rely on an Ethernet or universal serial bus (USB) connection for troubleshooting,
configuration, and programming.
Today it is possible to get stand-alone units that operate independently over a 4G wireless connection to the Internet, making operation very simple for the happinest of your IT department.
This same technology can be leveraged to make remote hands-on training possible for any Ethernet or USB device.


How can I identify fake Amazon reviews?

Recently I read The Washington Post and I found out that that in some categories
such as Bluetooth speakers, over half of the customer reviews are fake.
You can identify the fake reviews by simply following the suggestions reported below:

1. Tons of reviews within a short time
2. Reviews containing similar images
3. No company website
4. Reviews with similar phrases
5. All reviews contain five stars
6. All reviews are non-distinctive
7. Reviewers using same review language frequently
8. Reviews are not verified purchases
9. 5 stars but not much detail
10. Queer language used


How can I get 100% from LinkedIn in sales?

Growing your sales well past current levels is directly proportional to how much time your sales team spends developing an deepening relationships within your target market.
Normally you can use business-to-business professional services companies an
outbound selling system that quickly expands your network of target market
relationships, increases your sales pipeline, and reduces the sales cycle by:
.Using LinkedIn as it is intended to start the relationship using the Principles
of Networking and the Principles of Business Development
.Nurturing your new contacts through a 5-step messaging sequence
.Educate your new relationships on the benefits (not features) of doing
business with you
.Equipping your sales team with a scalable sales process that quickly grows
your sales pipeline


How can I foster a culture of change?

Foster a culture of change includes to promote each self-managed work teams, this is undoubtedly by the most challenging of all leadership endeavors, but it is also the most rewarding over the time. Great leaders involve employees from all levels in the business operations.
By creating an environment of trust and openness and developing a culture of risk-taking, leaders are able to turn over the responsibility of the daily operations to the employees.
These leaders recognize the need and take active steps to produce ownership within the ranks.