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Written by Cristian Randieri


How can AI transform inspection routines?

Today it is very common that industry players are taking an interest in artificial intelligence.
For us AI is one of the major factors that enabled the digital ransformation of our own industry supply chain.
We automated, digitalized and set up analytics tools using collected data from the field.
These tools are systems, algorithms that get closer and closer to AI, that is to say that allow the understanding of what happened, of what’s happening and of what is going to happen in the nearest future to come in our production line or in our factory.


How can AI enable faster and more efficient production?

The most important areas in industry for AI are with complex automation processes and decision-making where much of the work is normally tedious and repetitive, but still requiring a very significant level of judgement.
The result is usually a partnership between a humans and the AI, where the final call is still made by engineers.
In our company we are proud to apply that!!


How can a fitness tracker help solve a murder case?

You may use the technique where basically you need just dump out all the data from the whole fitness tracker, then make a timeline.
From that data, you can see how to take out entries of logs, web browsing…
Than from that, you can build up a timeline and get a full picture of what the person’s been up to.
Also location information can be decanted from the devices in our pockets and on our wrists.
In other words thanks to the ubiquity of smart personal devices, it seems inevitable that there will be an increase in data from such devices being considered for use in criminal investigations or prosecutions.


How 5G will change how we live and do Business?

5G will have the ability to transform not only telecommunication, but promote a step up for most other types of new technology that could do with the low latency that 5G brings in.
Connected cars, smart cities and highways, health, computing, robotics, gaming-every vertical within tech is set to receive an increment unseen since 3G changed the definition of communication in 1998 and put the world wide web into our palms.