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Written by Cristian Randieri


How can I become a successful independent professional recruiter?

If you have no previous recruiting or staffing experience and you want to break into the arena, I suggest you to follow a state-of-the-art training program that will put you ahead of the curve as a certified Search and Hiring Job Market recruiter.
Personally I just followed a three-stage training program designed to learn the best practices of recruiting at each stage of the recruitment life cycle.
After that i suggest you to have access to workbooks, live training webinars, articles, videos, and other resources to help you along the way.


How can I be a more adaptable leader?

Frankly speaking if you are a leader and you don’t have the capacity to shift, change, or pivot from a plan or a position…
I don’t know how long you’ll last in your role.
At the heart of leadership is an inherent need to react to changes in your
As we think about adaptability in leadership, we need to first understand its importance — why do we need to adapt?


How can I balance governance and self-service?

If you are still struggling to scale your balance governance solution, it’s no wonder.
You must know that older methods focus on IT—facilitating an “information
dictatorship”. Newer methods instead focus on the individual—creating “data silos”.
To scale properly you need a modern method that balances governance and self-service.
By this end users can gain incredible freedom to build and mold data models,
dashboards, reports, and publications.
Management retains the ability to control, manage, and monitor the analytics
That’s why I call it the next generation of self-service analytics.


How can I avoid discrimination against pregnant women at work?

The article reported “Throughout the American workplace, pregnancy discrimination remains widespread. It can start as soon as a woman is showing, and it often lasts through her early years as a mother… Many of the country’s largest and most prestigious companies still systematically sideline pregnant women. They pass them over for promotions and raises.
They fire them when they complain…In corporate office towers, the discrimination tends to be more subtle. Pregnant women and mothers are often perceived as less committed, steered away from prestigious assignments, excluded from client meetings and slighted at bonus season.”


How can farmers leverage to AI to boost yields?

If you consider farmers are like data scientists. To make decisions, they ferret out meaning from a sea of data.
That data must me correlated to environmental conditions like temperature, rainfall, salinity, nitrogen, pests, commodity prices, and other variables.
What that data often shows is trouble: increasingly costly or scarce water supplies, new and more voracious pests, herbicide-resistant weeds, and extreme weather. All of this can result in lower farm yields and higher costs.


How can augmented reality enable a more accurate biopsy?

The University of Twente is currently developing an innovative smartphone technology based on the usage of Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) and augmented reality (AR).
This technology enables medical personnel to reconstruct 3-D body sections quickly, only by holding the smartphone around the area of interest.
This smartphone will display the augmented layers of the 3-D skin surface in order to visualize invisible information for medical personnel.
“We would like to layer the information from the MRI and other vein scans (from sensor devices using laser speckle) and make them visible with augmented reality”, says Dr. Eng. Beril Sirmacek.